Partnering with Supervisor Han on Senior Care Packages 

La Mirada Chamber of Commerce 

Memorial Day 2020 with Lt. Col. Escobar of the 7th Cavalry Unit. 

Honoring Veterans with the Senator


Supporting Local Law Enforcement Initiatives

Honoring Law Enforcement for Superior Performance

Honoring Our Public Safety Team - With Captain Tatreau 

Supporting Foster Road Thanksgiving Dinner Event

State Grant of $400,000 to the La Mirada Theatre

3 New 1 million gallon water source tanks for the city

Celebrating the Season on Christmas

Foster Road Elementary Reading Room dedication

With Senator Archuleta and Supervisor Hahn

Revitalizing Vacant Commercial Properties

Majority Leader Granting Funds to the  LM Theater

Honoring Our Local Heroes For Service

Honoring First Responders at the Palms

Fire Chief Osby and Supervisor Hahn

Holiday Drive-Thru Event for the kids!

Serving Breakfast To Crowds at Hahn Fishing Derby

Chick-fil-A Grand Opening . 

Honoring High Achievement 

Honoring Local Heroes 

Helping Local Children Obtain Necessities

With Senator Archuleta and Supervisor Hahn and Fire Chief

Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

Upgrading Local Parks for the Kids!

    With Lakers A.C. Green at Mayor's Prayer Breakfast  

(714) 600-7878


Ceremony giving Military Banners to our Vets

Halloween Drive Thru Event for the Kids

Meeting with Residents for Townhall Event

Supported by Local Heroes at Biola Campus Safety

Anti-Street Racing Campaign Ordinance / Support

Supporting Local Food Banks

Dedicating the new History Tour Walk/Ride Program 

Christmas Event at Biola with President Corey and Sen. Archuleta 

Memorial Day at the Cemetery

Veterans Day Ceremony at the Eternal Flame

Drive Thru Events for the Kids during Covid...

City Council Honoring Veterans at Memorial Day

Serving Employees Lunch for a Great Year

Upgrading City Park Playgrounds

Grand Opening of New Business in La Mirada

Keeping Taxes the Lowest to Attract Businesses and local shopping ...

Concert Under The Stars with Grocery Outlet Owners

Supporting Local Charity Event

Learning about local Coyotes and Wildlife Management

Lake Park Christmas Party

Concerts in the Park with Farmers Markets Now. 

Supporting Relay for Life Cancer Research

Memorial Day Wreath for the Fallen Soldiers

Council Opposing the Closure of Outdoor Dining

La Mirada Is the Safest in the Region

Working on City Issues with Senator Archuleta 

Honoring Alice Palicz Our First Treasurer!

Senior Food Donations During pandemic With Grocery Outlet Community partners

Keeping Taxes Low

Chili Holiday Event Selfie With the City Residents

Drive-Thru Halloween Event for the Kids

Continuing to Make La Mirada Business Friendly to Attract Businesses 

Adding Imperial / LM Blvd Turn Pocket

Supporting Success of our Youth!

Most Business Friendly City Twice in a Row. 

Passing Ordinances to Help Local Restaurants

Street Redesign for Turn Pockets at Imperial and Telegraph

Holiday Event with Santa and the Community

Honoring Love La Mirada for their charity work

Laker A.C. Green at Prayer Breakfast

Anti Street Racing Campaign Event

Dedication of New Biola Courts with Tennis Pro Michael Chang

Supporting LM Businesses with Grants during Pandemic

Supporting Small Business Saturdays

Supporting Local Business 

With Biola Campus Safety Chief Ojeseikhoba 

Hanging Out with the Local Heroes

Law Enforcement Support

Supporting Local Businesses - Grocery Outlet

Supporting Small Business in the City

Ride Along with the Sheriff to see the issues firsthand

Working Day One as Your Mayor!

Honoring Local Veterans on Memorial Day

Foster Road Thanksgiving Dinner Event

Supporting Local Businesses

Adding Farmers Markets to Summer Concerts

Neighborhood Watch Program With SAO Deputies

Biola Campus Safety Awards with Chief O and Captain Tatreau

Honoring Our Local Sheriffs / Law Enforcement

Foster Road Elementary Reading room Dedication

La Mirada Property Values Always Rising

Neighborhood Watch Heroes

Helping Youth in the City Achieve Higher Success

With Biola President Corey for Dedication

Promoting College Success in the City

Telegraph McDonald's Grand Opening With the Owner

Working on City Issues with Senator Archuleta 

Supporting July 3 celebration in the Park

Providing recreation for the Kids on Halloween!

Helping Our Small Business in Tough times...

Assisting with Pandemic Request

Foster Road Elementary Reading Room Dedication

Coyote Management and Education Event at City Hall

Ride-Along With Sheriffs in the City

Employee Luncheon for the Hard Work by Staff...

Supporting Local Schools with Principal Ramsey

Dedication of Veterans Center at Biola University 

Youth in Government Program with City Council

Tree Planting event at Neff Park

Rotary Shopping Spree for Needy Kids

Grand Opening of El Tepeyac with Owners


Biola University Building Dedication

Senator Archuleta Special Guest Speaker at July 3rd Event

Partnering with Supervisor Han on Senior Care Packages 

Local Support by Law Enforcement

Canto 79 rededication at Theater

With Senator Archuleta for Youth in Govt. 

Rotary Shopping Spree for the Food banks and Residents

New Gardenhill Stop Signs at Crosswalk for the Kids Safety Going to School .

Supporting All Business in La Mirada! 

Rotary Shopping Spree for the Kids Charity Event